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Integrierte Produktpolitik als umweltpolitische Gestaltungsaufgabe und neue Herausforderung für die Nachhaltigkeitskommunikation

The current discourse about sustainable production and consumption is basically affected by the political and conceptual keywords “sustainable consumption” and “Integrated Product Policy”. Looking at the corporate aim of sustainable development cooperative approaches of actors from supply- and demand sides as well as concerted strategies of communication offer a promising access towards positive and efficient changes. Yet those approaches neither accord to present environmental nor to economic codes of practice. A basic task of the project was to create recommendations of procedure for initiation and support of cooperations of actors who are willing to implement sustainable patterns for consumption within a product-related environmental protection. For this a close analysis in the consumption sectors “sports/recreation” and “constructing/living” was accomplished. Finally there was a dialogue process arranged in the product sector “furniture/upholstered furniture” aiming at the initiation of “Alliances”. As a result there are recommendations for the case study just as for those Alliances in general and for the role of the state.