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Konsument/innen- und Unternehmenslernen durch Nutzer/innenintegration in die Produktentwicklung Materialien der wissenschaftlichen Begleitforschung des INNOCOPE-Verfahrens zur kooperativen Entwicklung eines Pedelec

Changing consumption and production patterns is a crucial challenge on the path to sustainability. The involvement of consumers in innovation processes is assumed to contribute to sustainable consumption because it supports reflections on consumption behaviour and potential changes. Additionally, consumer integration may support the development of innovative, sustainable and user-friendly products. The INNOCOPE method (Innovating through Consumer Integrated Product Development) aims at the participatory development of climate-friendly products and the initiation of mutual learning processes through direct interaction processes between consumers and company members. INNOCOPE has been tested in the co-operative development of a pedelec and sparked off significant mutual learning processes. Participating company members acknowledged bicycle users as consumers with concrete demands and ideas that can contribute to user-friendly and marketable products. Consumers realised new climate-friendly behaviour options and discovered their creative potential to develop product ideas. The application of INNOCOPE proved that through direct interaction processes consumers and company members may develop joint product concepts that consider expectations of both groups.