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Accelerating the energy transition with energy sharing

In order to further advance the construction of wind energy and photovoltaics on open spaces, the acceptance of the local people is an essential prerequisite. A key to acceptance is participation. On a small scale, this already works with photovoltaic systems on single-family houses. However, for the energy transition to pick up the necessary momentum, even more people must be given the opportunity to become part of the energy transition. This requires new instruments. Energy sharing can be a key here. With energy sharing, citizens can co-finance wind power or solar plants in their surroundings and consume the electricity produced. The implementation of energy sharing is already required at EU level, but is currently not possible in Germany in the existing structures for the promotion of renewable energies.

The Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) has developed a potential analysis for energy sharing. It becomes clear that RES communities can form anywhere in Germany. If the calculated potential of energy sharing is fully exploited, around 67 million people can become part of a renewable energy community and thus cover their entire electricity needs through energy sharing. This corresponds to 96 percent of all adults in Germany.