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Potentials of the Munich Green belt for a climate-resilient urban development

Like many other cities, Munich is surrounded by a green belt on its outskirts of the city. It is characterized by agricultural land, forests, heaths and popular recreation destinations like bathing lakes. Green belts, like the one around Munich, can contribute to a climate-resilient urban development in many ways. In the "Green City of the Future" project, various indications to secure and mobilize these potentials were derived.

The factsheet “Potentials of the Munich Green belt for a climate-resilient urban development" informs about the increasing importance of the green belt during the advancing climate change. It compactly presents the results of climate analyses and population surveys, along with advices on how to exploit the potential of the green belt. The factsheet addresses as target groups representatives of municipalities and civil society as well as planners.

Further brochures, factsheets and other publications and products of the "Green City of the Future" project can be found on the website of the Technical University of Munich here.

Download Leseversion (PDF, 4,7 MB, German language)
Download Druckversion (PDF, 6,2 MB, German language)