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Regionales Entwicklungskonzept für die Region Flensburg/Schleswig

Regional Development Concept Flensburg/ Schleswig - The region Flensburg/ Schleswig, situated in the north-eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein, is facing new challenges and adjustments within the context of a changing political and socio-economic landscape. On this background the Regional Development Agency Flensburg/ Schleswig Ltd. (WiREG) contracted the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) Wuppertal to undertake an Integrated Regional Development Concept (REK). Within the biannual process of the REK the IÖW identified major development targets in the fields of ‚Economy‘, ‚Infrastructure‘, ‚Environment‘ and ‚Land Use‘. The various needs of the regional actors and the specific potentials of the region were continuously reflected and balanced by a dialogue- and participation-orientated communication process. The integrative approach of the project covered the following action fields: Innovation and Co-operation of Economy and Science; Bridge of the North; Leisure, Tourism and Culture; Agriculture, Food and Health; Traffic Infrastructure and Transport; and Retail Park Development and Soft Infrastructures. Beside the identification of development targets and strategies first steps for the realisation of projects within the region were made. The leading vision „Flensburg/ Schleswig: The Innovative Service and Leisure Region in the Baltic Sea Area" acts as general umbrella for the activities.