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Services with Community Electricity Storage Co-creative Development as Factor of Success

The scientific article “Services with community electricity storage” presents the versatility of community electricity storage systems and different services that can be connected to them. Up until now, there have not only been legal and regulatory obstacles community electricity storage, but also a lack of knowledge concerning the requirements of possible services. The project “Energy storage services for smart communities (ESQUIRE)” therefore wants to research the potential users’ different technical, economic and social requirements. Possible service concepts and business models could include the areas of self-supply, data security, ancillary services or the flexible use of storage systems. A resource efficient multi-use concept lies at the base of all these models. In two communities in Groß-Umstadt and Mannheim with different organizational and technical backgrounds, viable and transferable service concepts for community energy storage should be developed, together with the users in the community. These storage systems and services can furthermore contribute to an identification with the community. Moreover, the project wants to give recommendations for action for the relevant actors in the realms of politics, municipalities and companies. The research is based on a co-creative concept that is shaped by innovation workshops, focus groups, expert interviews and online surveys.

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