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Together we are Climate Resilient: How Participation in Cities and Regions Succeeds Documentation of the National Dialogue on Climate Adaptation

How can participatory processes help cities and regions to become climate resilient and sustainable? How can adaptation measures be worked out and implemented jointly and creatively? What do cities, municipalities and civil society need in order to adapt to climate impacts? 90 participants from various administrative levels, from consulting and research, from environmental organizations and companies addresses these and other questions in the National Dialogue on Climate Adaptation in Dessau on the 27 and 28 June 2017. The IÖW advised the Competence Center for Climate Impacts and Adaptation of the Federal Environmental Agency (KomPass) in the dialogue conception, carried out the dialogue and documented it. The aim of the dialogue was to discuss success factors for effective participation and to learn, through the exchange of experience, how to address various challenges involved in participation processes. The participants developed recommendations for municipalities as well as for federal and state governments.

The dialogue documentation summarizes the results. It includes the processes and contents of the dialogue and summarizes the plenary interview round, keynote speeches and fishbowl discussion as well as the four parallel workshops.

Beyond that, the IÖW scientists Esther Hoffmann and Johannes Rupp have created a checklist of success factors for effective participation, considering literature research. The checklist should enable initiators and stakeholders to successful implement participation processes in climate adaptation.

Further information on the National Dialogue can be found here (german).

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