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Where in Germany is Water in Short Supply and Could be More Scarce in the Future? An Examination of the Natural, Artificial and Virtual Water Flows in Germany

Germany is a water-rich country. Nevertheless, does this apply across the board and also in future? Within the scope of the project "Water Flows in Germany", sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, the Institute for Ecological Economy Research together with the German Federal Institute for Hydrology and other research partners has gathered together the knowledge on this an further questions and processed this for various user groups. The interactive internet platform (providing also an English version), elaborated from the project, gives a comprehensive and at the same time regionally differentiated overview, on one hand on the natural water flows such as precipitation, evaporation, inflows and outflows, and on the other, on the various user demands through industry, households and agriculture and outs these together in relation to each other in a regional user balance. In addition, the possible future changes of the natural availabilities on the basis of various climate scenarios, the scarcity of clean groundwater through the input of pollutants from agriculture as well as water usages and consumption abroad triggered by Germany companies and consumers are presented and discussed. (article in German, information platform in English: