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Analysis of the potential for improving the participation of environmental organizations in debates and transdisciplinary research based on the case of resource policy Resssourcenwende

Like sustainability, the field of resource policy is a cross-sectional topic. In contrast to development and human rights organizations, environmental organizations participate very little in the broader civil society debate. The project aims to strengthen the influence and visibility of environmental organizations in the field of resource policy. For joint policy-making, the project-team initiates a networking and strategy process with environmental organizations. Over several workshops and work phases the representatives network and develop their own perspective on the field of resource policy.

To start a transfer of knowledge, the project aims to connect scientists and policy makers with the goal of exchanging ideas about what resource knowledge has to be prepared for the strategy process and how to engage in the process in general. For this purpose, the IÖW prepares a “knowledge and actor map of resource policy” and develops questions for further research within the project team. Experiences from the cooperation between environmental organizations and research institutions are analyzed in terms of the exchange process, as well as the strategy development and the role of science, and compiled for other policy processes.

IÖW Project Team