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Climate Change and Daily Routine Acts: Potentials, Strategies and Instruments for a Low Carbon Lifestyle in a Zero-Emission-City Project part "Climate change and daily routine acts: impact potentials of climate change-adressing instruments"

The project will analyse the impacts respectively the impact potentials of different climate-change related instruments differentiated according to social groups as distinguished within the project; herewith, efficiency and effectiveness of instruments as well as the contributions to CO2-poor lifestyles will be assessed.

The project is subdivided into different working steps. At the beginning, a status-quo analysis of the set of climate-change relevant instruments will be carried out. This is followed by a first assessment of potentials based on a literature survey and four focus groups. The next step is based on a standardised survey and will examine experiences and potential of climate-change adressing instruments. After an interpretation of the survey, the last working step combines the different qualitative and quantitative results and evaluates the instruments according to their efficiency, effectiveness an potentials for a CO2-poor life style.

Several practise workshops will be carried out and the overall results will be presented at a final conference in 2013.

IÖW Project Team

  • Michael Kreß
  • Ria Müller