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Effects of digitalisation on society and the protection of biological diversity

The preservation of our natural resources and biological diversity is one of the generational tasks of the coming decades. Considering increasing social tensions, socio-technical change processes, social pluralization and political polarization, a crucial question is how nature conservation can continue to be successfully implemented as a crosscutting task in an increasingly digital society.

In cooperation with an interdisciplinary team, the IÖW is investigating the complex interactions between social frictions, digitalisation processes and nature protection, in order to derive recommendations for policy makers and civil society actors to help strengthen nature conservation concerns.

To this end, the project will conduct a literature review and qualitatively examine three thematic case studies by means of interviews, focus groups and an online community. In addition to project management, the IÖW will be leading the analysis of the case studies, will organise and implement a thematic BfN workshop to discuss the results of the project and will be responsible for the production of the research report, which summarises the findings.

IÖW Project Team