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Feasibility Study "Carbon neutral Berlin 2050"

The new government of the German capital Berlin wants to be a pioneer on climate change among the major cities around the globe. The elaboration of the feasibility study "Carbon neutral Berlin 2050" on behalf of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment should be on this and for this way a central component. Aim is to visualise possible development paths for the action areas of energy supply, housing, consumption, economy and mobility, as well as to propose measures and pilot projects for a climate-friendly Berlin. The project is coordinated by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and the IÖW (co-project coordination). PIK has recently been involved in the development of the energy concept for Potsdam, IÖW has been involved in the current Berlin Energy Concept 2020. Core tasks of IÖW are beyond co-project coordination and development of scenarios, the illustration of energy-related potentials based on renewable energy and the mapping of possible development paths of a future economic structure. In addition, an outlook on potential regional economic impacts of the identified measures and lead projects for the metropolitan region of Berlin will be outlined.

IÖW Project Team