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Presentation Shaping strategies and measures for climate neutrality & climate resilience in cities – experiences made in Berlin & Munich

Conference: Forum zur Grünen Entwicklung: Schaffung einer grünen Lebensumgebung
Event by: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung China, Büro Shanghai
01.11.17, Shanghai, China

Cities have a special responsibility in terms of climate protection and adaptation. They cause greenhouse gas emissions and are affected by the consequences of climate change, especially in the form of heat and heavy rain events. At the same time, they have plenty of options to deal with these challenges.

On invitation of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation China, Johannes Rupp reported on project activities from Berlin and Munich. The occasion was a German-Chinese exchange of representatives from politics and administration as well as science on green and sustainable urban development. The concepts, programs and studies developed by the IÖW and partners, which were the base for the presentation, show which strategies and measures the two cities want to take in order to master the challenges of climate change.