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Further development and testing of integrative urban-regional adaptation strategies in a polycentric growth region: Model region Stuttgart ISAP II

The effects of climate change are already visible in the Stuttgart Region today – primarily through increasing heat stress and frequent heavy rainfall events. In the ISAP I project an online information and advisory system was developed: A climate-atlas which contains city-regional information and analysis tools on climate, heavy rainfall and social vulnerability. The tool shows, for example, the damage potential of heavy rainfall events, regulating and cultural ecosystem services of green adaptation measures and their regional economic effects for a variety of focus areas and scenarios. It is primarily intended to serve as a working aid for regional and local planners and to support experts and political decision-makers in the development of integrative adaptation strategies. However, the easy-to-use tool with background information is openly accessible so that anyone interested can learn about the effects of climate change in the Stuttgart Region.

In the second phase of the project, ISAP II, further solution approaches will be investigated and concrete applications tested based on the compiled climate, vulnerability and adaptation data. In addition, the online information and advisory system will be consolidated and methodically developed further.

In its sub-project, the IÖW is transferring the economic assessment of different adaptation options carried out in ISAP I for some focus areas to other municipalities in the Stuttgart Region. In conjunction with the work of the other project partners, this is intended to yield a holistic picture of the impact of various adaptation measures.

To this end, the regional economic analysis of the adaptation options will be updated as well as additional survey studies conducted to investigate the appreciation of adaptation measures. Building on the first project phase, this should enable a more comprehensive, spatially and socio-demographically differentiated impact assessment. The results will be incorporated into the online information system and optimize the tool by providing a larger data basis as well as additional content.

IÖW Project Team