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Integrative urban-regional adaptation strategies in a polycentric growth region: Model region Stuttgart ISAP

The effects of climate change are already visible in the densely populated Stuttgart Region, mainly in form of increasing heat stress and frequent heavy rainfall events. Adaptation to the effects of climate change is a central requirement for maintaining the quality of living and living conditions as well as the security and competitiveness of the region. The aim of the ISAP project is to improve the planning basis and its application in decision-making processes in order to establish the use of climate adaptation measures as a natural and integrative part of spatial development planning. To this end, the project partners are jointly developing a new innovative city-regional online information and consulting system. The system includes city-regional information and analysis tools for climate adaptation and the development of integrative adaptation strategies.

In the IÖW sub-project, selected climate adaptation measures are analysed within the framework of an extended cost-benefit analysis based on the ecosystem services approach. As part of that extended economic valuation, a representative survey study will be implemented to assess the effects of adaptation options on urban and rural landscape amenities and its recreational benefits. Additionalla, a regionalised input-output analysis will investigate the effects of adaptation options on regional value added and employment in the region.

IÖW Project Team