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PROSumers for the Energy Union (PROSEU) Mainstreaming active participation of citizens in the energy transition

The focus of PROSEU is the research into, as well as the design of, incentive structures for mainstreaming prosumerism in the European Union, thereby encouraging and safeguarding citizen participation, inclusiveness and transparency. PROSEU does not take for granted that prosumerism will be an inclusive and transparent process by definition. Hence, the central research question of PROSEU will be analyzed under social, organizational and economical aspects. While answering this central question, PROSEU assesses how prosumerism can contribute, at multiple governance levels (i.e. local, national, and EU) to the implementation of the Energy Union through the incentive structures identified.
The research will look into new business models, market regulations, infrastructural integration, technology scenarios and energy policies. PROSEU’s interdisciplinary team will work closely with Prosumer Initiatives (Living Labs), policymakers and other stakeholders from eight countries.
The IÖW uses the IÖW-Prosumer-Model to develop, together with the Univerity of Zagreb and the CE Delft, scenarios for 2030 and 2050 based on in-depth analysis of technological solutions for prosumers under different geographical, climatic and socio-political conditions. The IÖW simulates these technical solutions for renewable energies on a local single-and multi-family houses basis and with this generates input for a European simulation.

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