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Priorities of a Bioeconomy Strategy for the Federal State of Brandenburg

In the German National Bioeconomy Strategy from 2020, the federal government formulated guidelines for a sustainable and bio-based economy that relies on natural material flows. These guidelines offer the Federal State of Brandenburg the opportunity to develop innovative business locations and to strengthen the individual regions in the state with their respective specifics. If biomass production and processing as well as the development and testing of new technologies and business models are efficiently linked, regional bio-based economic clusters with a high industrial and knowledge-based added value can be developed. The spatial linkage of bio-based process and value chains offers economic potential for both urban and rural areas in Brandenburg. This again provides valuable contributions to climate and environmental protection.

On the way to Brandenburg's own bioeconomy strategy, existing strategies and ongoing strategic processes are important elements: the biomass strategy, energy strategy and climate adaptation strategy, the climate plan, the joint innovation strategy Berlin-Brandenburg, the sustainability strategy and transfer strategy, as well as the moor protection program and country's eco-action plan. Crucial for the strategy development is also the work of the Interministerial Working Group ‘Bioeconomy’, which exists since 2022, as well as the work of the Brandenburg Economic Development Agency and other actors. The brochure ‘Sustainable Bioeconomy in Brandenburg’ serves as an overview of good examples.

The project presented here supports the development of a state bioeconomy strategy in accordance with a resolution of the Brandenburg state parliament from 2021. This includes an analysis of the status quo of all activities that are relevant for the bioeconomy in the Federal State of Brandenburg. In doing so, potentials and synergies of the bioeconomy will be identified and the biological knowledge about bioeconomic value creation will be expanded and applied. The findings serve as basis for the participatory development of an overall vision, including specific individual goals. This will be done with the involvement of individual departments and representatives from business, science and civil society. The vision and goals serve as guidelines for the development of the bioeconomy in the state up to 2035. Measures and fields of action will be also developed in a participatory manner. These are intended to promote the transition towards a bio-based economy in Brandenburg.

The IÖW, together with the DBFZ, is responsible for the content of the project. The partner e-fect is in charge of organizing the planned participation formats.

IÖW Project Team