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Becoming Mainstream! Influencing factors and framework conditions for campaigns to promote sustainable products

Sustainable products such as thermostatic valves and balcony solar systems are becoming increasingly popular in the face of the energy crisis. Other offers such as jeans with a sustainability label or green bank giro accounts, on the other hand, have so far only been used by relatively few people. How can sustainable products become mainstream in society? Why have many sustainable products so far often remained in the niche?

Campaigns for sustainable products can help increase their uptake. In the report "Becoming Mainstream", the authors analyse which factors contribute to the success of such a campaign and which framework conditions are favourable. To do this, they evaluated literature from various subject areas, conducted interviews in the marketing industry and analysed 75 past and current campaigns on selected sustainable products.

The study was created as part of the project "Bringing sustainable consumption to the mass market: Identifying and promoting key products with high diffusion potential", which the IÖW is carrying out on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency.

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