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Bioeconomy Can new technologies secure energy supply and feed the world?


The climate and environmental problems are increasing continuously. There are different approaches presented. One of these approaches is discussed under the term bio-economy. In simplified terms it is associated with the approach of the bio-economy, that is to be achieved first, a shift away from using non-renewable resources, and secondly, the food security of the growing world population will be achieved. The BioEconomyCouncil has presented an expertise - its promotional strategies for bioeconomy are discussed in the short study of the IÖW. The Council focused almost exclusively on technological options in order to contribute to the reduction of the many competing uses (nutrition, bioenergy and renewable resources) in relation to agricultural area. The use of new technologies, such as white biotechnology, synthetic biology and systems biology are accordingly the method of choice. Distribution problems that contribute substantially to the hunger in the world, or even unsustainable consumption patterns are not discussed as potential solutions.