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Climate-resilient neighborhoods in a growing city – Research results from the project “Green City of the Future”

Urban greenery is important for people and nature in many ways. It serves as a diverse habitat for species, is an important recreation and activity area for the population and at the same time acts as a climate buffer against heat and as water retention during heavy rain. The magazine ‘ANLiegen Natur’ takes up this importance of urban greenery with its focus on "Urban Living Space".

The article 'Climate-resilient districts in a growing city - research results of the project "Green City of the Future"' introduces the section urban ecology of the magazine. It prepares the main content of the project for a practical audience by addressing the questions: how cities can grow in a climate-resilient manner and how an efficient, green infrastructure can be integrated into urban planning. The project team researched strategies and measures in various neighborhoods, so-called real laboratories. This happened in exchange with planners and representatives of the housing industry, civil society and tradespeople. The main recommendation of the project is to integrate climate adaptation and climate protection measures into the planning process as early as possible. For climate-resilient neighborhoods, it is also important to preserve large trees and ventilation axes and to take the environmental balance of gray and green measures into account when planning buildings. Urban society should be included in the development of climate-oriented neighborhoods by surveying how people perceive various design options. If desirable future perspectives are discussed locally and concrete green measures are implemented, e.g. citizens or tradespeople can be motivated and activated to contribute to climate-effective greening. The knowledge gained should be embedded in concrete activities by planners and city administration. The article concludes with a summary of the main findings and a reference to the products from the project.

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