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Energy transition and heat Resilient und climate-neutral heat supply

Climate protection targets and current and long-term developments on the energy market raise the question of what a future climate-neutral and at the same time secure and resilient heat supply could look like. To achieve this, the variety of energy sources and technologies must be as diverse as possible, and a high proportion of local renewable heat sources must be tapped. In addition, the design of resilient heating systems should take into account that operation is not impaired by the failure of individual components. The increasing coupling of heat with electricity can also affect resilience. Therefore, a resilient electricity system is necessary to ensure security of heat supply.

District heating is of central importance for the resilience of Berlin's future heat system, as it is expected to cover a higher share of the heat supply. The use of hydrogen can also make a contribution due to its potential to be generated locally.

The current energy crisis is bringing the benefits of a diverse and renewable heat supply into focus. This offers the opportunity for more attention to be paid to risks and resilience in addition to economic efficiency in the future design of heat supply.

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