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Climate-neutral heating instead of burning natural gas - heat transition in the crisis?

The current crises and dynamics are also hitting the heating market with great force. The rising price of gas, primarily as a result of the war, will lead to significantly higher spending on heating this year. It is uncertain, how prices will develop in the medium term, but a permanently higher price level seems likely. The uncertainty regarding a reliable price and availability projection means that the role of natural gas as a key transitional solution towards a climate-neutral heating market needs to be reconsidered. The goal must therefore be an even faster switch to locally available heat sources and a significant acceleration of the reduction of heat consumption through energy-efficient renovations. Based on the topics of options in the building sector, heat planning and neighborhood approaches as well as social dimension and demand for skilled workers, the article shows where the challenges currently lie, which options for action exist and which bundles of measures at the various political levels from the federal government to the municipality are now needed to get into implementation. 

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