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Adaptating to the Impacts of Climate Change in Berlin (AFOK Berlin)

Based on the Urban Development Plan Climate (STEP Klima), this adaptation concept illustrates the pathways of climate change in the city and its sub-systems, systemizes and evaluates possible actions to adapt using expert knowledge, and presents the results to the broad public. In this concept, a vulnerability inventory is created, which on the one hand examines if the city's vulnerability can be measured based on past events, and on the other hand quantifies the costs of damage resulting from cliamte change impacts. Expert interviews and workshops are being used to evaluate the concrete impacts on different sectors (public health, urban development, water and energy supply, education, culture, etc.), and develop a graphic model of climate change pathways and impacts. At the core of the strategy, an action plan is be created, which incorporates the results of the interviews and workshops.

IÖW Project Team