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Municipal concepts for climate adaptation: Berlin and Munich Contribution to Newsletter "Klimafolgen und Anpassung" of the Federal Environment Agency

The "KomPass – Climate Impacts and Adaptation in Germany" at the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) highlighted in its focus text of the newsletter no. 48, April 2017, the climate adaptation activities of Berlin and Munich. With the support of IÖW, both cities have released climate adaptation concepts in the year 2016. The concepts are characterized by similar trends: an increase of average temperatures, more heat days, a change in precipitation patterns as well as a growing number of heavy rain events. However, the way the cities plan to handle these challenges differ in multiple ways. The same applies to the extent of stakeholder involvement during the elaboration of the concepts. The focus text specifies these differences and in addition shows how the cities have embedded their climate adaption activities on the political agenda, respectively which means are provided for its implementation. Thus, it is possible to derive some recommendations for future adaptation actions in other cities and regions from both approaches.

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