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Economics of climate change adaptation - Integrated economic modeling and institutional analysis at different scale levels (econCCadapt)

The project brings together different economic disciplines and scale levels: Institutional economics, economic modeling at different scale levels using complementary methods of macroeconomic modeling and regionalized Input-Output models, cost benefit assessment and applied ethics. The contributions from institutional economics will lead to an improved understanding of the institutions and governance structures which regularize the behavior of actors by influencing incentive structures. Input-Output modeling will analyze the effects of climate change and adaptation on a regional scale level. Macroeconomic modeling, as the highest aggregation level of the suggested interlinked and dynamic multilevel approach, will put the results into a national economic perspective. The contribution from applied ethics will embed the modeling results in a variety of normative approaches in order to inform decision makers about the normative framework underlying the policy recommendation. The results of the project will serve as tools to support future decision making at various levels: institutional design, governance reform, policy instruments and adaptation measures to be implemented.


The Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) is coordinating the project and carries out particular work packages - besides the overarching tasks mainly the regionalized Input-Output-Analysis and an extended Cost-Benefit-Analysis.

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IÖW Project Team