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Bioeconomy: Changing user practices and using less resources

The increased demand for biomass and biological resources in the course of the transformation from a fossil-based to a more biobased economy is limited by the available land and raw material supply. This is already shown by a number of competing uses and conflicts. These are equivalent to overstepping planetary boundaries. Therefore, a change of utilization practices and a drastic reduction of resource consumption is needed. 

The Infosheet addresses the interested public and deals in a compact and descriptive way with the problem of an increasing demand for biomass and biological resources. It shows what the increase in demand for material biomass use means. The example of bioplastics is used to illustrate what the growing demand for materials implies for land use. With a concluding summary, the infosheet invites critical reflection and discussion. 


In addition to this information sheet, another three individual infosheets provide more in-depth information on the topics considered as background material for the societal dialog envisaged in the "Change of Perspective Bioeconomy" project as part of the Bioeconomy Science Year 2020/21. 

Download all sheets (in German, zip-file)