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Bioeconomy: Strengthening regional added value and distributing prosperity more equitably

Rural regions where biomass is the only output benefit economically from the bioeconomy to a lesser extent than regions where biomass is processed and biobased products are produced. The same applies to regions with companies that use biological knowledge to develop patents. Here, a high proportion of the added value that is generated remains in the region. However, if the acceptance of the bioeconomy is to be strengthened, a fair distribution of the wealth created from it is required. This is proven by experiences in the field of renewable energies and the energy transition. 

The info sheet is aimed at the interested public and addresses the question of how an economically just bioeconomy can be designed in a compact and descriptive form. It shows who currently benefits most from the bioeconomy and how regional value is created through the bioeconomy. Examples from sectors are presented that can contribute to increased value creation and employment in rural regions.  With a concluding summary, the infosheet invites critical reflection and discussion.   


In addition to this information sheet, another three individual infosheets provide more in-depth information on the topics considered as background material for the societal dialog envisaged in the "Change of Perspective Bioeconomy" project as part of the Bioeconomy Science Year 2020/21. 

Download all sheets (in German, zip-file)