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Result paper of the Stakeholder Dialogue on Climate Adaption „Which participation methods can activate citizens to take preventive actions?”

Which participation methods can activate citizens to take precautionary actions? How can participation processes be consolidated? And which examples of best practice are worthy of imitation? On 19 April 2018, a total of 29 participants from local and regional government, applied science, civil society and consultancy addressed these and other questions in a one-day stakeholder dialogue. The IÖW was responsible for the preparation, implementation and documentation of the dialogue event on behalf of the Competence Centre on Climate Impacts and Adaptation at the Federal Environment Agency (KomPass). The dialogue is part of the participation process for the further development of the German Climate Adaptation Strategy (DAS).
The results paper of the stakeholder dialogue summarises both the keynote speeches on the introduction to the topic and examples from local adaptation practice. In addition, the paper deals with the discussion results of the two working phases and the concluding plenary part of the stakeholder dialogue. In the working phases, the participants developed ideas for activating participation formats and for exemplary participation concepts. Furthermore, they discussed the consolidation of participation processes, the development of a municipal participation culture, and an improved cooperation between administration and local initiatives. As a suggestion for planning and implementing one's own participation processes, the annex to the results paper contains an overview of various free information offers on participation methods, checklists and practical examples of participation in climate adaptation.

The results paper can be found at:

The online documentation also includes the programme, presentations of the speakers, and photos of the event.