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Determination of the Value-Added and Employment Effects in Three Selected Bioenergy Regions

With the competition „Bioenergy Regions“, the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection aims to promote regional structures in the field of bioenergy. As part of the accompanying research of this competition, the IOEW will quantify value added and employment in three selected Bioenergy Regions in this research project. For this purpose, the IOEW uses its value-added model (WeBEE-Modell), which takes into account all value-added steps from the production to the operation and the dismantling of a plant. Value-added and employment effects will be determined for the years 2009, 2012 and 2015 in order to illustrate the development that takes place in the regions. Apart from quantitative input data, strategies and success factors that can increase regional value added will also be acquired. In addition, a comparison of the quantified value added, determined by the regions with the online calculator, will take place. In this three-year project, the effects in 2015 will be calculated ex ante as well as ex post in order to carry out a comparison between planned and actual activities.

IÖW Project Team