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RESPONDER "Multinational knowledge brokerage event in the area of Sustainable Housing"


28. März 2012  -  30. März 2012
Housing is a key area. It responds to fundamental human needs. However the past growth in the building and real estate sectors in some European and non-European countries did not bring us to sustainability considering the social, ecological and economic problems it created.

Housing has been considered as a key sector for economic growth. How can we solve the contradictions between economic growth in the housing sector and the goal of sustainable housing? For instance, economic growth in housing has meant more money invested in the sector, larger floor space per person, more commodities in houses, more land urbanized and more urban development. All this has not been compensated by a decline in the intensity of use of energy, materials, water. All these challenging issues will be part of the first Knowledge Brokerage Event on Sustainable Housing. The participants will come from different backgrounds: European, national and local policymakers, academics, economists, practitioners and exponents of civil society organizations.

Exemplary topics to be explored in system mapping sessions:

  1. What is the impact of growth of financial investment in housing?
  2. How have economic growth and lifestyles changes offset the housing energy efficiency and material efficiency improvements achieved during the last 20 years?
  3. What are the effects of social exclusion and mono]fucntional organization to urban growth?


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