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A Marriage Story of Digitalisation and Sustainability?

Can digitalisation be part of the solution to pressing sustainability challenges? Or are current developments going to impede a socioecological transformation? The answer is not black and white; it is complex and cross-cutting. The authors present the problems and challenges associated with digitalisation for sustainable development in infrastructure and services, hardware and software, energy systems and Artificial Intelligence. After that, they give an overview over the topic of the special issue “Digitalisation and Sustainability” and its manifold articles written by scientists and experts for sustainable digitalisation. The articles contribute to the endeavour to dive deeper into certain topics and to explore further the nexus of digitalisation and sustainability. Noticeably, the high expectations of digitalisation as a panacea have not yet been fulfilled and they depend heavily on the social economic and political framework conditions. In particular, the question of what policies for a sustainable digitalisation can look like in distinctive fields of action is examined in the articles of the special issue.

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